23 February, 2007


Thank you to all that voted in the survey over the past week (apologies if you were not aware of this). The results are very encouraging with the majority voting yes.


So after careful consideration we have decided to make Betting Assistant subscription based with a monthly fee of £5. We have decided that it would be unwise to go full time right now until we are more established.


So why are we charging £5? Well the program has grown, not only in terms of features but in the number of users.


We want to be able to give as much support as possible dealing with queries, emails and technical questions, not to mention all the suggestions for improvements and new features.


What you will be paying for is guaranteed continuation of the program with two people now supporting it.


We hope you will agree that this is not an attempt to exploit users but rather an opportunity for us to be able to make you a promise of our commitment.


Subscription will start on 1st April, therefore you will be able to continue to use it for free until then.


There will be an update of BA sometime this weekend which will include a link to a registration page where you can register your details if you wish to subscribe to BA.


On 1st April there will be an upgrade of BA which will see BA become version 1.0. In this version there will be comprehensive help files and a brand new feature “stop loss” which I’m sure a lot of users will find useful.


We will also continue to support the non-api version and this will be covered by the £5 subscription.


Finally we would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported BA over the past couple of years.



Gary & Mark