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About Gruss

Sports betting software from Gruss Software

The strength of Gruss Software is that its been designed by one of you - a frustrated in-running better and then developed by listening to dozens of like-minded enthusiasts.

Gruss is owned and run by brothers Gary and Mark Russell.

Gary discovered Betfair in 2004 and soon realised that using bespoke software to place bets was much more efficient than merely placing them through the website.

Gary built his own software and then enhanced its features after trialling it through other Betfair users and reacting to their improvement ideas.

He started making a small monthly charge so he could work on it full-time and then recruited Mark to help develop the products and Gruss Software was born.

We think its the best of its kind, so do a lot of our customers. But you can never stand still in this game and well continue to improve the software if any more great ideas emerge from you, our Gruss family of in-running betters.

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"Puts the right tools at your fingertips with super fast, totally reliable and easy to use software."