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It’s easy for us to tell you how great Gruss’s betting software is (but then we would, wouldn’t we?) – we’d prefer our users to do it instead, though.

Here’s what they’ve been saying:

"Just wanted to say that I find Gruss Betting Assistant to be the best Betfair software I have ever used. It’s been perfect for me for over two years now and is suitable whether or not I wish to make basic bets or use the Excel functionality for much more complex betting strategies. Your ongoing development, support and forum have also been second to none when I have had questions or problems.I know you cannot guarantee winnings but your software has turned me from a loser into a winner and I would now hate to play Betfair without it. I guess you have many happy users but I would bet not many as happy as me? Brilliant and Thank You.”

Michael R, Nottingham, UK.

“I've been extremely impressed with Betting Assistant which has become the only interface I use with Betfair. The program is extremely solid and reliable and is continually being improved with new features almost weekly. Communication and support is superb with a good knowledgeable support base through their forum. Often new requests are implemented almost immediately. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this software to anyone; it gives new definition to the word professionalism. And all this for only £6 a month.”


“I've used Gruss almost every day over the past three years, trading in over 7000 markets a year. Most of this has been by way of automated algorithms I've created in Excel and the rest using the excellent ladder interface and trading in-play tennis matches manually. The software has been a joy to use and easily customised to my own requirements. There is no doubt that no other commercially available software would have allowed me to make the substantial income I have been enjoying over this time.”


“For the past 18 months, 7 days a week, and at least 10 hours per day, I have relied solely upon BA to place bets unattended in horse racing markets using my Excel sheets. BA is rock solid and I have 100% confidence in trusting my finances to it. Can I also add that the forum with its quality of discussion, willingness by members to help others, and Gary's timely responses, is superb.”


“An excellent product with outstanding support.”


“I first discovered Gruss BA a little more than a year ago when I was looking for a way to automate a very simple betting strategy. I was delighted to find how easy this was to do using BA and Excel. I had almost no prior experience of Excel but I was up and running in a couple of hours. I quickly realised that BA with Excel integration was capable of much more than I was using it for and began devising new strategies to take advantage of it's capabilities. Since then I've had success after success as I've discovered new ways of exploiting the Betfair markets and become better at realising them. I've enjoyed the process and learned some good new skills along the way too. Winning on Betfair isn't easy and Gruss BA isn't a magic bullet, you still have to figure out ways of beating a very sophisticated market and you still need to be calm, patient and sensible. What Gruss does do though is put the right tools at your fingertips with super fast, totally reliable and easy to use software that can do everything you will ever need. I am now one of the lucky few who make good money day in, day out on Betfair, so a big thank you to Gruss for making that possible.”


“I have used Gruss Betting Assistant for many years and have found it to be extremely comprehensive, easy to use, reliable and affordable. The software incorporates an extensive range of features and tools, including the interface with Excel enabling the user to design and create unique trading strategies. Gary & Mark provide excellent support for their customers, especially the way they listen to new ideas and then develop these as enhancements into future releases. A great piece of software, highly recommended.”


“When I started using Gruss I noticed right away that the Excel integration offers significantly more features. The first most obvious one was that the last traded price is available for each selection. This is particularly useful for in-play automation as this figure can be quite different to what is currently on offer on the back / lay columns, it may also give an indication of which direction the market is going. In Gruss if you have several markets open at once on different tabs, you can connect each of the markets to a different sheet in the same Excel workbook (and also have a seperate "MyBets" sheet for each market). This is really great for creating triggers from one market and applying it in another (e.g. win / place markets, football markets, tournament collapse triggers in tennis / snooker). You can control the refresh rate of each market independently from Excel and this can be automated (e.g. increase the refresh rate when the market goes in-play). This brings me neatly onto the next point which is the superb development support. New ideas and suggestions for improvements are monitored closely by Gruss and in some cases, for minor improvements, I have experienced them being implemented on the same day! Now that is what I call service!”

Betfair Trading Mind Games,

“Gruss Betting Assistant is a great tool to use for most sports trading styles on either exchange. If you’re taking sports trading seriously, you should almost definitely be taking full advantage of API software such as this as it will undoubtedly make life much easier.”

“'I have been using GRUSS software since 2012. I wholeheartedly believe I wouldn't have managed to make as much money from the Betfair exchange as I have without it. The fully customizable grid interface is a godsend and makes deploying my betting strategy a walk in the park. A great bit of kit and at only £6 a month a great value bit of kit at that!' Jay, Cardiff, April 2020. ”

"Rock solid and I have 100% confidence in trusting my finances to it."