Excel Trigger betting for Betdaq

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Excel Trigger betting for Betdaq

Postby iankn73 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:56 pm


Im hoping someone can help me develop an existing excel trigger spreadsheet. Most of the work has already been completed by Mark @ Gruss as he kindly created the spreadsheet a while back for me so I could import my proform selections for betdaq. I just need to get it to do a few more things and he is too busy just now to help me out. I will happily pay for your efforts.

Here are the list of things that I would like to be able to do. Preferably in this order of importance.

1. Add an additional criteria with the ability to only back or Lay horses by XSP ranking (1st fav joint 1st fav etc.. x secs before the off or at XSP.

2. Im also looking to import the HRB csv (Horseracebase) into the spreadsheet. However the format of the HRB cvs files is completely different to the Proform csv. Im hoping that you can either create a similar spreadsheet for importation of HRB csv files or even better add the ability on the original spreadsheet to allow for the importation of both Proform or HRB csv files if that is possible.

3. Add the ability to manually add selections as well as import from Proform and HRB csv files.

4. Also the ability to set specific odds range for certain selections on the spreadsheet imported from my csv files. Example I could have systems that I may only back at odds of <= 10 XSP, so rather than having muliple tab and seperate spreadsheets doing many different things it would be far tidier to manage this all within the one spreadsheet if possible. So I could have my Global min and max odds set at 3.5 to 200 however I would like to be able to select individual horses on the spreadsheet with a min max odds range as well.

Find attached a copy of the HRB csv files format and the Proform csv format to compare. In the meantime I have been manually adding the HRB selections into the Proform spreadsheet and tweaking elements of it as Im having issues with HRB horse names that include horse names with (IRE) in brackets after their names, as it wasnt firing in bets with this added to the horse name, so Im having to remove them prior to importation and the time format is different as well.

I would also love the ability to auto trade certain selections from my Proform.csv file pre off or in play. Right now Im manually trading with x tickoffset enabled with auto level set with a stop loss set at x ticks for a level loss if the market goes against me.

So to summarise this is roughly what I looking for.

1. A switch on and off field that will allow for me to backs horse by their XSP ranking prior to the off. So if this feature is enabled then the bot will only fire best into the market based on their ranking. If this is not set then its a normal bet with NO ranking set.

2. Import other csv files as well as Proform.

3. The ability to set specific odds ranges for individual/certain selections on the spreadsheet. If the odds are not met then No bet will be placed.

4. The ability to trade certain selections or horses by their ranking from the spreadsheet with an autolevel x Tickoffset and x tick auto level loss stoploss with the option of keeping in play or trade out prior to the off. I would also like to be able to trade x ticks from the offer price as well.

For the trading I would imagine that I would just need to set up another tab as another trading spreadsheet would need to be created or could these features also be added to the existing spreadsheet.

Find attached excel tigger sheet that Mark created for me.

I cannot attach macro based files typeson the forum. I will ask Mark if he will kindly attach for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Excel Trigger betting for Betdaq

Postby osknows » Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:29 am

Hi Ian,

I've just seen your PM. If you forward me the details I'll have a look in more detail tomorrow and get back to you.

I am very busy at the moment so it may be a few weeks before I am able to start developing this for you.

Let me know if this will okay.

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Re: Excel Trigger betting for Betdaq

Postby iankn73 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:00 am

Hi Os,

I have sent you an email with Marks attached spreadsheet as well as some sample csv files.

Im sure I can survive for a few weeks. :-)

Thanks Ian
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