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Re: Excel Developer available

Postby samhayer » Mon Aug 14, 2023 10:40 am

Hi Neel I use Gruss to automate my bets, Have a a couple of bots I have made and use, they are not complecated as all the bets are placed using the market sheet or sheet1. Now I have made copys of these to use for UK IRE AUS and USA horse racing which I link up to BA using different tabs all is working fine but I would like the markets in each tab to load up the the quick picks and wait for the first race . I have tried every thing down loaded theAuto reload sheet from BA etc tried to put codes in VBA Market sheet This Workbook and Module et but cant get this to work for me can you help me to get one of these to work and load markets on full auto each night at midnight, I could then copy the code into my other books as Would like to learn and know what I am doing wrong.I will pay for your service. I have used you a long time ago you made a bot for me .If you can do this please let me know how much it might cost I dont mind if you just put codes into a blank workbook so I can copy these into my workbooks as long as it works for me Thanks Best Regards Sam Hayer
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Re: Excel Developer available

Postby samhayer » Wed Sep 27, 2023 10:10 am

Hi I need a developer to make a simple work sheet which will let me back selections and use a staking plan.The staking plan I want is Martingale so 1st bet 1the x2 if lost .if win then back to start I will use for dogs and horse races
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Re: Excel Developer available

Postby phil.daz » Tue Oct 10, 2023 3:48 pm

Looking for an Excel Dev

Win, Place, Lay

Own daily selection

Various odds values and rank for different selections based on strategies


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Re: Excel Developer available

Postby samhayer » Tue Jun 11, 2024 1:58 pm

Hi I need some help with this sheet I have been working on, I am no expert with VBA and Macros just trying learn as I go long. I would like to thank you for any advise or help in this matter. So I have been working on a Sheet which is now working to some extent but has still got a few thing to sort out before the job is good . I will try and address one problem at a time and hope to fix these and have a working sheet and learn some VBA . Ok so In my market sheet (Sheet1) I have put this VBA code in the Worksheet. 1

Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
If Sheet1.Cells(5, 37) = 1 Then


End If

End Sub
so what this does is if Row 5 and Colum 37 is equal to 1 a macro called CopyAI5 willcopy and past the value from AI5 toAG5 this is all working fine
Now I want to add to this worksheet If Row 6 and Colum 37 is equal to1 then a Macro called CopyAI6 will Run.And 1 would like continue to add another 13 Makros up to
If Sheet.Cell(20, 37)=1 Then CopyAI20

I have tried putting different codes in but none work. Please can you advise me on this or if a developer can help I have a few other things need to be looked at.Can you give me a price thankyou Best Regards. Sam Hayer
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