Gruss / excel - price grabber to chart

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Gruss / excel - price grabber to chart

Postby bobastic » Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:03 pm


Hopefully someone out there has already done this or has a sheet with the frame work in.

It all depends on whether you can specify a race and horse and then grab all the prices it has matched money at ( IE reproduce the chart in memory ) or whether you need to store the prices in a sheet every so many seconds.

ideally I want to have an excel sheet with a start button, and then it grabs all the days races in the first tab. Each race showing down the sheet. With the standard course,time,horse,trainer,jockey,back, lay, market %, total matched money.

What I would like to do is click a horse and then it shows the price going up and down over its history. produces a chart of the price so I can see it in another tab. Even have the sheet fill blocks on a tab showing the price movement.So I can cleary see its gone up 5 ticks, down 3 ticks, then up 6 ticks etc etc.

I'll explain more in the chart when you get in touch. But its really whether there is a call to download the price changes for betfair or whether it needs to be captured and stored in sheet.

If its stored in sheet then we will have resource issues and messaging, but every 3 mins from 9am to 20 mins before racing. then 1 minute up to 10 mins out and then every second if possible for any race within 10 mins ?

Hopefully theres something in betfair that lets you call the history but I guess there wont be.LOL

Any takers ? I'll explain more when you post or reply.

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