Betfair Exchange Betting BSP @ Very Small Stake

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Betfair Exchange Betting BSP @ Very Small Stake

Postby HampshireIan » Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:08 pm

Afternoon everyone,

This is my first post and this is all pretty new to me so apologies for being the new kid in school!

I want to be able to place very small stake bets at BSP, to test some selections on Betfair on horse racing but haven't a clue how to do so.

I do know that the Betfair Exchange minimum stake is supposed to be £2.00 but i've been reliably informed that by using this software, I can do whatever amount I like.

So, what i'd like to do is select an amount of horses per race, and back them all for £0.20 until happy this works, so maybe anything from 3 to 6 horses each race.

Can someone help with this please?

Kind regards

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Re: Betfair Exchange Betting BSP @ Very Small Stake

Postby Captain Sensible » Thu Sep 24, 2020 12:23 pm

You can't bet at BSP with less than minimum stakes, the bets won't be placed into Betfair's SP by their software. All you can do is place them as normal bets if you want them to be 20p or if you're betting at BSP you can easily download the betfair SP history files all the way back to 2008. It's make more sense to test your system against the historic data as there's thousands of races all with the data you need.
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Re: Betfair Exchange Betting BSP @ Very Small Stake

Postby alrodopial » Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:14 pm

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Re: Betfair Exchange Betting BSP @ Very Small Stake

Postby lindemann » Sun Oct 11, 2020 6:09 pm

I think there is a way of bypassing BF's min stake rule by using the "SP In Play" option in Gruss. With this option checked, you place your 20p bet at odds so far above the market price that you won't be matched (except by mistake in which case you can just lay off for pennies profit if you notice your bet's been taken). When the race goes In Play your 20p is just scooped up in final pool for the calculation of BFSP.
I've used this method a lot at 50p stakes. I tended to ask for odds of 9 if I was looking at a fancied runner or 90 for longer priced horses. Accidental matches were very rare.
Good luck.
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