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Postby GaryRussell » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:24 pm

Added option to display race status above prices grid and ladder interface. Can be enabled in general preferences.
Added additional column for race status to Excel. Only available if enabled in general preferences.

Added option to place trigger bets from Excel asynchronously. The bet reference wont always be populated on the current refresh, it depends how long it takes to process (ie. Longer in in-play markets). Option available when choosing "Excel | Log current prices" from menu.

Suppressed error message from EO.WebBrowser control appearing when using Excel quick link.

Fixed bug where option "Open market in new tab" missing from context menu on market tree.

Fixed bug where tick offset indicator on ladder moving indicator of opposing bets. Ie. Moving tick offset of lay bet moves tick offset of back bet.

Fixed bug where "Ticks = %" and "Keep offset IP" options not applied to all markets when displaying multiple markets in the first tab.

Sometimes initial image appears twice in API stream. One has status closed, this version is ignored.

Fixed bug where popup chart from Betfair's website sometimes slow to appear.

Fixed bug where Betfair live video not working where Flash Player no longer used.

Added match view and match stats buttons to live video popup.

COM function openMarket now returns "INVALID MARKET" if market not found in market tree. It will first refresh the tree to check again before returning "INVALID MARKET".

Number of rows and columns on popup ladder not retained when moving from a market with a large number of selections to a small number and back again.

If bet placement request times out then a list of current bets is retrieved to attempt to retrieve the bet result.

This version should auto update, but if not can be installed Here
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