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Postby GaryRussell » Tue Jun 09, 2020 11:59 am

Install Here

This release will not be set to auto update until Monday 15th June. To install it now uninstall your current version and use the link above.

Coupon markets can now be opened on all tabs, not just first. Coupons also load faster.

"Add custom coupon" option added to right click menu on market tree. For example enter "match odds,half time" where prompted to add right click option to open a coupon containing these two markets when clicking on match name.

Live video fixed to fit video better after recent change on Betfair's website.

UK/Ireland horse racing now display better quality silks images. It is recommended to tick "Stretch silks images to fill container" in grid interface preferences.

Fix bug where not all full streamed prices displaying. Most obvious on quiet markets.

Added right click menu option to market tree to add horse racing win or place markets for an individual venue to quick pick list

Now checks for start time changes for all markets in quick pick list. Times will be checked every hour from 5 hours out then 30 minutes, 15 minutes, 5 minutes and finally 2 minutes out.

When full stream is active the Q2 trigger will be processed every 5 seconds when no updates are happening on a quiet market.

Add new additional column to Excel: "Result" which displays WON/LOST result when market closed regardless of whether bet placed on selection or not.

Added total matched for market to ladder popup window.

Add Swedish horse racing to quick pick list markets. -3.52 & -3.53 are Excel triggers for loading Win and Place markets.

When markets added to quick pick list and they are already in the list then replace them.

Fix bug where -5 trigger does not select first market in quick pick after -4 trigger if first market was already selected.

Make dutch display "(not possible)" when odds do not allow.

Fixed bug where selection chart not showing table with "Auto refresh" unticked. Also popup displays faster with "Auto refresh" ticked.
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