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Postby GaryRussell » Tue Jan 12, 2021 11:35 am

Install Here

Please note this version includes updates to several large files. To prevent overloading our server the auto updates will be staggered. If you need the update urgently you can manually install from the link above.

Login form now quicker to load. Updated the built in web browser to latest version. The annoying accept cookies message will now disappear next time they are accepted.

Fixed bug where prices not displayed when streaming enabled for some markets (rare issue).

Added averagePriceMatched property to Price object in COM interface. The column must be displayed in the grid interface for this to return a value.

Conditional bets form now stays on top of other windows.

Enabled notes to be added to Golf markets.

Fixed bug where tick offset indicator on ladder still appearing in old position sometimes resulting in 2 indicators displayed when one only valid.

Prevents bet being placed with fixed offset in custom column if profit impossible. eg. don't back at 2.0 if lay bet will be at 3.0

Fixed issue where items missing from P&L report when sport not available in current list.

Handles TIMEOUT error in bet placement by requesting list of bets to get bet reference.

Update bet results for all bets in Excel every time results sheet updated. Currently it only updates results where result not yet known. This change is required because sometimes the result is changed.

Allow 'Only load today's events' to include markets that span past midnight UK time, e.g. US horse racing. New property added to quick pick preferences to include a specific number of hours past midnight to be included.

'Add Custom Column' option not showing if deleting all existing custom coupons.

Fixed bug where naming a Custom Coupon from Markets Tree, if including letter 'R' causes the screen recording to start.

1, 2, 3 did not work correctly on some markets.

When using 'sort by price' option on greyhounds, jacket images were in wrong order when selecting next market.

Right click 'add all win' on horse racing from venue on markets tree was not working.

Added additional option to Excel to update balance after bet triggered (Placement, update and cancellation).

Changed Excel MyBets logging so that MyBets is only updated when bets have changed instead of each refresh. Will also update with full stream enabled and no recent price updates.

Fixed issue where handicap markets were not displaying correct Betfair chart from Betfair's website as they had changed the address.

Add tennis scores to live video popup.

Added processExcelTriggers option to COM interface. Call this function to force Excel triggers to be processed. Useful if full stream enabled and need to trigger bets between price updates on a slow moving market.

Added option tab to preferences: "Live Video". You can now choose to display the popup from the external Google Chrome browser instead of the built in browser. It is equivalent to opening the popup by using Betfair's website. You are required to be logged into the Betfair website in Google Chrome for this to function.

Fixed issue where price charts from Betfair's website not displayed due to recent change to Betfair's server.
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