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Version (Beta)

Postby GaryRussell » Tue Feb 01, 2022 11:51 am

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This version is still in Beta. It will be made the official version in a few weeks time. It also includes libraries which are not possible to install through an auto update so will have to be installed from our downloads page when officially released.

Added new "Market Replay" feature. You can now add historical markets to quick pick list through Market|Add to quick pick list|Historical Events.
Watch Demo Video

Added "Historical Charts" option to Market menu.
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Added option to grid preferences to include non runners on opening market.

Fixed bug where total traded column not displaying to right of candle chart when "next to last price matched chart" and "Display in level profit column" ticked in ladder preferences.

Fix bug where non runner displaying incorrectly on ladder interface at random times.

Bets which failed due to market suspension now added to transaction counter.

Fixed bug where failed transactions not added to transaction counter when placed by single bet popup.

Fixed bug where popup ladder opened from coupon market crashes application if market removed from coupon before closing popup ladder. Popup ladder now closes automatically when market removed from coupon.

Changed odds input in my bets and place/update bet popups to accept odds on line markets. Accepted odds are between 0.5 and 999.5 with increment of 1. eg. 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 etc.

Fix bug where bets manager option "Display unmatched bets only" not applied to all markets in coupon view.

Added Betfair Fill or Kill option. Can only be used if seconds is 0 and minimum stake or above.

Add H hotkey to grid interface. Left click selection while pressing H to hide selection and right click any selection while pressing H to unhide all selections.

Display connected Excel workbook name next to race status if race status displayed.

Fixed bug where export to quick list in Excel did not work if disconnected and reconnected to Excel. Betting Assistant had to be restarted.

Fix bug where closing first market of coupon closes tab page if not first tab page.

Fixed issue where triggering a BACK bet from Excel using odds of 1000 and below £2, the bet is placed but the Bet Ref column displays INVALID_SIZE

Fix bug where voided bets appear in bets manager with 0 stake and odds instead of being excluded.

Fixed bug where Excel trigger GO:marketId not working for closed markets. It now replaces trigger with INVALID_MARKET.
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The strength of Gruss Software is that it’s been designed by one of you, a frustrated sports punter, and then developed by listening to dozens of like-minded enthusiasts.

Gruss is owned and run by brothers Gary and Mark Russell. Gary discovered Betfair in 2004 and soon realised that using bespoke software to place bets was much more efficient than merely placing them through the website.

Gary built his own software and then enhanced its features after trialling it through other Betfair users and reacting to their improvement ideas, something that still happens today.

He started making a small monthly charge so he could work on it full-time and then recruited Mark to help develop the products and Gruss Software was born.

We think it’s the best of its kind and so do a lot of our customers. But you can never stand still in this game and we’ll continue to improve the software if any more great ideas emerge.