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Added cancel button to market tree loading status popup. If cancelled then it will use most recent successfully loaded markets tree.

Added option to general preferences to highlight unselected tabs when market suspended optional.

Added option to hot key preferences to make ctrl key verify bets override optional.

Add sound alert option for market turned in play

Fixed memory leak bug where tab pages linked to Excel still occupying memory after being closed.

Total Performance Data

Added list of columns to be included in Excel to TPD preferences. These will be output to Excel when TPD is selected in Excel additional columns.

Added option to TPD preferences to display furlong lines on satellite map.

Added option to TPD preferences to display velocity chart on each runner and optional course par for comparison.

Added option to TPD preferences to display each horse's box on grid in different colour (matches colours on satellite map)

Added option to TPD preferences to display course par chart when satellite map displayed.

Added option to TPD preferences to display par line. A purple line on the grid will indicate where the horse's progress would be if ran perfectly to course par.

Added 3 new metrics to TPD data:-

Velocity fluctuation
a measure of the consistency of the velocity line and refreshed every second. A high number may indicate that the horse is not performing well.

Velocity error
an algorithmic calculation which results in a number highlighting how ‘off par’ the horse has run from the start of the race.
A LOW number here is preferable and zero would be perfect – however that is highly unlikely to ever happen. A low OP is around 50 and high around 100.
It is highlighted that VE (off par) is not reporting the horses positions, it is reporting how close to race par the animal has been running. The horse behind the leader could be running too slowly to par and therefore have a high number. VE is an absolute error value for speed against par speed. It will be high for horses running too slow and horses running too fast.

Cadence error
Cadence corresponds to the horse’s rhythm and it is highlighted that stride length and speed are not taken into account in the calculation because a high cadence (high number of strides per second) could also mean a shorten stride length and consequently a low speed. A low number is best.

Optionally colours can be set for good, neutral and bad values when displayed as custom columns.

Market Replay

Fixed bug where selection display order not sorted as per live markets for Soccer, Tennis and Cricket markets.

Fix bug where historic balance not showing in cell I2 in Excel

Dead head settlement now fixed in single winner markets. Still needs to be fixed for multiple winner markets (eg. horse racing place markets


Add new Excel trigger -10 to reload current market.

Added 3 new Excel special triggers for cell Q2

If you have a list named soccer.qpl for example you can use the following triggers:-

LQP:soccer: Load markets into quick pick list.

LQPC:soccer: Load markets into quick pick list then open all markets in current tab (coupon)

LQPS:soccer: Load markets into quick pick list then open all markets in separate tab pages starting from first tab. The tab pages have to already be open. If there aren't enough tabs then the remaining markets are not loaded.

The qpl files need to be in "C:\users[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Gruss Software

COM interface

Added new exchangeRate property to COM interface. Provides the exchange rate from GBP to the user's currency.
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