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Changed minimum stakes.

Fixed bug where dutch lay stakes displayed to more than two decimal places.

Now remembers sort order of bets manager.

Betfair silks now download from Gruss server. It will fall back to Betfair's server if fails.

Improved market loading code so if listMarketCatelogue fails on any of the threads it will attempt to reload.
Previously it would only re-attempt listMarketCatelogue if the request timed out.

Market Replay

Fixed bug where historic timeline disappearing when adding markets to current tab.

Fixed bug where market replay markets sometimes not loading correctly on PC where time zone not set to London

Changed below min bet placement so that update bet part of process runs more efficiently.

Added AQP Q2 trigger to Excel for adding markets to quick pick list based on search key
By default the search will include markets that will turn in play only. You can change this by adding additional parameters to the search. Here are some examples.

AQP:soccer+over/under+2.5_Y_N - only include markets going in play (the default)
AQP:soccer+over/under+2.5 _Y_Y - include all markets
AQP:soccer+over/under+2.5_N_Y - only include markets not going in play

Fixed bug where browse button on Excel log form cleared all changes to options made before clicking browse button.

Changed Excel result logging to only update cancelled status after market closed by explicitly checking for CANCELLED, LAPSED and VOIDED status.
It also waits 30 seonds after market closed before updating as settled bets are not returned immediately.
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