Version (Beta) is available for download

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Version (Beta) is available for download

Postby GaryRussell » Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:22 am

1. Fixed rare problem with users getting locked out due to invalid password. If the password contains unusual characters then on rare occasions it fails the web login that it does in the background for scraping the Betfair charts from the website. It will now prevent further attempts after the first failure.

2. Fixed Excel triggered betting problem where tick offset / stop loss not working if bet placement request times out. This is a rare occurrence.

3. Reduced height of Excel quick link window so it should be visible on lower resolution displays, eg. Netbook

4. Excel sometimes logging “OK” in the bet ref column when it should actually be an error code. It has been fixed to log the appropriate error code.

5. On random occasions the horse racing markets are missing from the data returned from Betfair resulting in an empty quick pick list. It will now recognise this an automatically retrieve them again.

6. Fixed bug where market not recognised as going in play and therefore keep in play check box removed when market opened from COM interface.

7. Fixed problem where auto selected markets were not automatically scrolled into view in the quick pick list.

8. Fixed problem where quick pick list items could not be selected with the up and down arrow keys.

9. Fixed bug where when a market is deleted from the quick pick list it automatically highlights the market below. The highlighted market is not actually open so should not be highlighted.

10. Bets placed by the chase stop loss feature are now logged in the Excel results sheet.

11. User settings are now stored in a fixed location. You can open this folder by choosing “Open Settings Folder” from the options menu. The settings for the default profile are stored in user.config. If you have a profile named “horses” for example then the config file is named “user_horses.config”.
These files can be copied to another PC to the same folder or you can take back up copies.

12. Added right click conditional bet feature to ladder interface. Enable by ticking "Enable right click conditional bet" in ladder interface preferences.
For example if the current back odds are 3.0. To place a back bet only if the back odds go up to 4.0 right click on the stake column next to 4.0. The stake column is the white column to the right of the blue column (or left of if ladder reversed). The presence of the conditional bet will be shown by a green indicator in the stop loss indicator column.

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