Version (Beta) is available for download

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Version (Beta) is available for download

Postby GaryRussell » Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:12 am

1. Fixed bug affecting auto balance refresh. When requests start failing due to Betfair outage the calls stack up instead of being discarded. This causes the program to become unresponsive and eventually cannot recover when Betfair is back online.

2. Added new special trigger for cell Q2 in Excel. The trigger is “MSG:<your message>”. The message will be displayed in the black last action information bar at the bottom of the application window. eg. “MSG:Bets triggered.”

3. Added new property named betCategoryType to BetDetail object in COM interface. The possible values are as follows.
NONE Equivalent to E. This may change in a future release of the API.
E Normal exchange bet.
M Market on Close bet. The bet remains unmatched until the market is reconciled and a starting price is determined. If no starting price is available for the selection, the bet lapses.
L Limit on Close bet. The bet remains unmatched until the market is reconciled and a starting price is determined. If the starting price is better than the price specified, then the bet is matched. If no starting price is available for the selection, the bet lapses.

4. Fixed bug where sometimes re-ordered column positions on grid interface are not retained.

5. Added option to throttling tab in preferences to set an alternative refresh rate up to a specified number of seconds before the scheduled start of an event. This is useful if you have many events open at the same time but don’t want them refreshing frequently until nearer the start of the event.

6. Market|Auto select market|At specific time before off now accepts fractions of a minute. Eg. 0.5 = 30 seconds.

7. Fixed bug where popup info displayed when selection clicked not showing any prices if nothing has been traded yet.

8. Change implied commission rate to 3% for Market|Calculate Data Requests Allowed

9. Added numberOfWinners property to Price object in COM interface.

10. New bets entered in My Bets now display a revised future P&L when the show net of commission option is changed in preferences. Previously the figures did not change until the odds or stake we subsequently changed.

11. When using Excel quick link the Betting Assistant application will now remain in the foreground when opening Excel documents.

12. Fixed bug where “Exclude horse racing place markets” in quick pick preferences also excluded Greyhounds place markets.

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