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Our Betfair Forum is available to provide help and assistance for any users who are experiencing issues with the software, or have particular questions they would like to discuss with others. To access the discussion board, feel free to use the link here and browse at your leisure.
If you are new to the Betfair Forum and would like advice on how to use it effectively, then head over to our main FAQ section that should clear up any questions or queries you may have.
If you would like to login or register for our memberís area, then we also have a dedicated section you can access here.

User Forum Topics

Along with a comprehensive FAQ discussion thread that may resolve any queries you may have that are not mentioned in our main FAQ, and we also have further discussion threads for Help, General Discussion and Find an Excel Developer. Additionally, there are frequent announcements and new releases that we update as and when necessary.
Feel free to browse through the discussion threads at your leisure and try to post in the most relevant thread if you have any questions. 

"A great piece of software, highly recommended."