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Gruss Software’s Betfair Betting Assistant is the chosen trading software of Betfair users around the world. In order to use Betfair Betting Assistant you must have an active Betfair account. If you don’t have one then click here to open a Betfair account and Betfair will give you £30 in free bets when you place £10 on any Sportsbook market.

You can use Betfair Betting Assistant free for up to 30 days. After which point you’ll need to subscribe. However at just £6 a month or roughly 20p a day it’s an absolute bargain for regular Betfair users.

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Download Betdaq Betting Assistant

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Technical Requirements

Betting Assistant has been developed using Microsoft Visual Basic.Net 2005 which uses Microsoft Framework 2.0. Unfortunately that means you won’t be able to use this software on a Macintosh (Mac) operating system. Additionally if you’re using an older version of Windows you may need to install the Framework before installing Betfair Betting Assistant.

Please make sure you read the system requirements to ensure your system is compatible with the Framework.

If you have any questions now or at any point during your trial please visit our forum where you’ll find tons of helpful hints and tips from other users. Alternatively simply post a question on the forum or email us and either we, or even our many happy users, will get you the answers you need.

"A great piece of software, highly recommended."