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Betfair Trading Explained

Trading on Betfair is the most commonly used manner of online betting in the UK. But what is a Betting Exchange and how does it differ from traditional gaming companies?

The Betfair Exchange is an online marketplace that allows you - the punter - to create and lay odds in the manner of a traditional bookmaker. Because of this, the odds are often a fairer reflection of the actual outcomes, because you are betting against people and not the well-informed bookmaker with safe margins.

There's no substitute for knowledge when it comes to gaming, and those who have it are in the best positions to make informed bets and inviting lays. Furthermore, the ability to Bet in Play makes the Betfair marketplace even further afield from the rest. Betting in Play is what it sounds like: you can continue to bet on a variety of factors during the race or event, right up to the finish.

This breakaway from a millenia-old system has quite literally changed the face of the game. Off the back off the burgeoning online gaming community, Betfair Software like Gruss has evolved to improve the existing Betfair Exchange interface and make keeping track of your assorted backs, lays and in-plays in real-time and with minimal delay.

If you're new to the online betting community, we're a sure bet for starting you in the right direction. Download Gruss software here.

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