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Canadian/Super Yankee Bets Explained

A super yankee or Canadian bet is similar to a yankee bet, but with increased amounts of bets, giving higher odds and greater payouts on success. The super yankee consists of 26 bets: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four folds and an accumulator.

The Canadian or super yankee is not a full cover bet Ė the full cover bet equivalent would be the lucky 31. The majority of bookmakers in the UK will offer these bets, but if you canít find them make sure you are looking for the right term, as Canadian and super yankee are interchangeable.

These bets are popular with bookmakers due to the lack of single bets, which greatly increases odds, thus reducing the chances of success. However, when they come through they offer a large return, but only once 4 or 5 of your selections are successful.

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