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Dutching For Profit Explained

Dutching is a term for picking numerous selections so that no matter the outcome, the return is the same. This method can require some complex calculations across various odds, but with Gruss software, we can help you gain profitability across several bets no matter the outcome.

Before betting exchanges, it was more difficult to work out profitable bets, as there are numerous calculations and variations to consider, but once you are experienced with this method, you can work out precise stakes and bets to get profits.

With this method, you will need to have a set stake and spread it across bets depending on the odds, with more being put on those with lower odds and less being put on those with higher odds. When worked out correctly, the total stake can return the same profit on either result. This is not a get rich quick scheme, and can require patience to get the right selection on the right event, but with a systematic approach it can provide steady wins.

"I make good money day in, day out on Betfair, thanks to Gruss."