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Half Time/Full Time Bets Explained

Half time/full time betting is an extension of normal half time and full time betting, where the two are combined. This type of bet belongs in the double bet category and has a total of nine outcomes from a match of two teams:

Halftime ResultFulltime Result
Home team leadsHome team wins
Home team leadsDraw
Home team leadsAway team wins
DrawHome team wins
DrawAway team wins
Away team leadsHome team wins
Away team leadsDraw
Away team leadsAway team wins

The above table shows the nine options which are available. These will have varying odds depending on the teams playing, but generally have lower odds on draws and higher odds on the home team leading at half time, but the away team winning at full time.

Half time/full time bets are usually placed on football matches, but this can extend to other sports where results can be tallied at the end of play periods, such as rugby and basketball. Some alterations are made on sports with more than two halves, such as thirds in ice hockey.

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