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In Running Betting Explained

In-running bets or in-play bets are simply bets which can be placed during an event, rather than having a cut off period before hand. This is increasingly popular and is more available due to increased live coverage and internet betting, allowing people to stay up to date with events, rather than having to wait until their conclusion.

With a wide range of events covered and numerous options within a single event, it is quick and easy to place bets in-play, increasing excitement as well as giving you a greater chance of return.

The bets allowed to be placed vary from one bookmaker to another, but there are numerous types. With tennis for example, you can often bet on the next point, overall winner, set scores and more. With football in-play bets, you can bet on factors such as the next goal, next corner, match winner and many more.

With many factors being present on the day which may not have been apparent beforehand, in-running betting can help you get the edge across a number of sporting events including football, horseracing and many more.

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