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Lucky 15 Betting Explained

Consisting of 15 bets, the lucky 15 bet involves 4 selections across different events, including 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold bet.

If one selection from this bet wins, returns are paid at double the odds as a consolation. If all four selections win from this bet then a 10% bonus is added to the total winnings. For this bonus to apply it must include all winners, without void results of non-runners. Lucky 15 bets are only placed on greyhound and horse racing. There are also lucky 31 bets available.

The lucky 15 bet gets its name from the fact that 15 bets are placed, built up from 4 different selections. You have 4 single bets, a combination of 6 double bets from those selections, a combination of 4 treble bets and a fourfold accumulator, giving the 15 in total. It can be complex to figure out the odds on these bets, but our software makes it easy for you, giving you a profit even if not all of your selections win.

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