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Outright Bets Explained

Outright bets are bets which are placed on the total outcome of a season or competition, rather than an individual game. These can be placed before a season or competition starts, or throughout the duration – but often at reduced odds.

Outright bets usually give much higher odds than a team winning an individual game, and they have gained increased popularity after Leicester’s 2015 – 16 Premier League win, which gave large, publicised payouts for numerous punters.

There are numerous variations on this bet, such as predicting the high scorer throughout a season, predicting a specific finishing position for a team and more. As previously mentioned, these bets have higher odds than normal bets due to the larger amount of variation and uncertainty involved. The downsides for these bets include not being available at all online bookmakers and the long waits involved before a bet is settled.

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