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Related Contingencies Explained

Related contingencies are what prevent punters from combining a bet which affects the price of another bet when placing multiples. This can be the cause of much disappointment for punters making elaborate multiple bets while in-play or speculative bets in the future. It is further complicated by the lack of consesus by betting houses as to what constitutes a related contingency.

Here's an example to help demonstrate the relationships that cause these contingencies:

You want to bet on England to win in the quarter-finals of the European Cup against Italy, and as part of the multiple bet you want to back England to win the competition overall. But if England win against Italy, their price for winning the competition as a whole will improve, and it is this knock-on effect on price which makes the combination invalid in a multiple bet.

Bear related contingencies in mind when you're placing multiple bets, and our betting assistant will help you manage your multiple bet calculations.

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