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Round Robin Bets Explained

A Round Robin Bet is a three selection wager that consists of ten separate bets: 3 doubles, 1 treble and 3 up-and-down bets (each of the 2 separate bets). This is a kind of speciality bet which can produce a high pay-out from relatively low stakes.

Few bookies advertise this kind of bet so if you are thinking of using this method, pay close attention to your selections and consider calculating your outcomes first with our software.

The other kind, is a style of tournament wherein every team plays each other in turn. As far as competitions go, this is deemed to be a fair representation of the overall winner, as opposed to say, a knock-out competition, where negative factors can have a proportionately larger effect on the final standings.

There is the potential however, for the schedule of certain teams to be exploited in a way that favours a contestant, by distributing difficult games to prevent accumulated fatigue, or to obverse can implemented to hinder a contestant's chances. The Barclays Premier League is an example of a large scale round-robin.

Some betting companies do not accept Round Robin bets online, however, punters can use betting assistants such as Gruss Software to perform Round Robin calculations to track selection prices and optmise the bets they can place on the high street.

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